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Getting started

Start by getting in touch to discuss your needs:

via Skype: live:.cid.4e6467c415f849b3 

telephone: 07496 249 572


instagram: the_apothecary_box

You may benefit from a consultation, an over-the-counter product or simply some free advice. 


If your needs are complex or require herbal medicines, then a full consultation will be necessary. After creating a very detailed picture of your individual needs, an appropriate treatment plan will be devised. 

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Spice Shop

Useful information


What can herbal medicine help with?

Over-the-counter products

A number of products are available over-the-counter without the need for a consultation. These are usually gifts, supplements or products that are not used medicinally. All the items available in the online shop are 'OTC' products.

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We will always try to help if possible. However, the first thing you should try for all serious medical conditions is visit your GP and exhaust the options provided. Many non-serious matters that can respond well to herbal medcine include: first aid, bumps/bruises/sprains, allergies, sleep disturbance, stress relief/relaxation, digestive complaints, energy and metabolism.

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