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Nicholas Edwards



Nicholas has always had an interest in the natural world. He studied a degree in Herbal Medicine at Lincoln University from 2006-2009. There, he was trained in clinical skills, including physical examinations, differential diagnoses, and professional healthcare communication. This degree course had the highest accreditation possible to ensure fitness to practice as a medical herbalist, covering subjects like phytochemistry, pathophysiology, and herbal theapeutics.


After working in the healthfood and education sectors, he continued to study the natural world by completing a master's degree in Ethnobotany at the University of Kent, graduating with a distinction. This course opened up the amazing world of how plants are used by different peoples all over the world for food, commerce, construction and, most importantly, medicine.

Nicholas is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists: click here to see his profile. 


Grounded in the holistic approach, I take care to understand the interplay between my patients' emotional, social, mental and spiritual lives and how this impacts on their physical state; affecting one can lead to changes in the other.

That said, I prefer to understand the action of herbal medicines in terms of their chemistry and always seek to find modern research that can inform the best of traditional approaches to health problems. I see the goal of herbal medicines as optimizing the body's already amazing capacity to heal itself. 

My treatment plans will mainly consist of diet and lifestyle changes that are small, manageable and realistic. When prescribing herbs to patients, I try to use the most simple formulation. Normally, less is more!

Alongside herbal medicines, I also use Swedish Body Massage to help patients relax and reconnect. I find this helps enormously with stress, sleep and energy levels, which is my speciality.

In my spare time I like being in the great outdoors, camping, hiking and staying fit. I also love cooking, of course by including as many interesting plant foods as possible, and learning new languages.

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