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A range of bespoke, individualised plant-based herbal remedies for health, pampering, beauty and nutrition
All these herbal medicines are only available following a consultation

Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea

Creams and Lotions

Natural, gentle skin products with botanicals to brighten, soothe, care and heal

Ointments and Balms

Aromatic plant extracts for aches, bruises and strains to warm or cool


Whole-herb preparations to impart the medicinal qualities of herbs, preserved in ethanol


Bespoke blends of dried medicinal herbs to brew up at home

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea
Mixing Organic Beauty Products
Bottles of Essential Oil

Bath Soaks

A combination of natural salts, medicinal herbs and aromatic compounds to soak, relax and rejuvenate


Individual oil blends with essential oils for topical treatments and massages

Syrups and Glycerites

Alcohol-free preparations, ideal for coughs, colds and children

Mists and Sprays

Ideal for use around the house, pillows or as toners for the skin

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