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Trifolium pratense

Updated: Jul 1, 2021


Other names: Red Clover, Meadow Trefoil

Medicinal Actions: lymphatic eliminative, alterative, hypnotic/nervine (mild)

Qualities: cooling, eliminating

Affinities: female reproductive system

Safety issues: none (one source has advised it not to be used in pregnancy, though it is nclear why)

This small plant thrives in a variety of soils and has a distinctive three-part compund leaf, with small pink/purple flowers that grow together in a dense, terminal inflorescence.

Medicinally, this is a gentle and mild herb, often ingested as an infusion rather than a tincture. It could also be used in baths. It's traditionally used to help skin conditions, principally eczema. More recently, the presence of the isoflavonoid genistein has helped form the basis of its use to help reduce the effects of the menopause. However, clinical evidence for this use is not very promising.

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